Precision in XXL steel processing
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Precision in XXL steel processing

Bending. Laser-cutting. Welding.

Vlassenroot is world leader in the production of the most critical components of telescopic cranes: booms, turntables, and chassis for mobile cranes.

Our core business is the production of advanced steel components, complex supersized components made of high strength steel, all according to the highest quality standards. The expertise and potential of our enterprise group are deployed in the construction of extraordinary infrastructural works, such as bridges, locks and tower blocks.

Vlassenroot is a vertically integrated industry group with bases in Belgium, Germany and Poland. We guarantee the highest possible level of tailor-made service. Driven by our employees’ as well as our clients’ desire to innovate, Vlassenroot is and remains the number one reference in XXL (extra-extra-large) tailor-made solutions.